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Where commercial real estate meets flexible workspace. 


The flexible office industry, also referred to as shared workspace, serviced offices, co-working, and other terms actually started over 50 years ago, but has only gained broad popularity within the last decade, fueled by technological advances that allow people to work from anywhere, and by the global financial crisis which displaced so many people from the traditional corporate headquarters.

Today the industry is in a period of dramatic growth and change, as if finds new specialties, new physical space and design alternatives, and attracts new players from peripheral industries. It is a time when anyone thinking about entering the industry needs seasoned advice from experienced professionals who are passionate about the work.


Areas of Expertise


Market Analysis

Pricing Analysis  

Target audience

Competitive Analysis



Structure development

Hiring assistance



Design Consulting

Space planning

Furniture layouts



Product Offering/Pricing

Structuring of product

Package offerings


Information technology

Wi-Fi Management

Reservation/Billing Management

Access Management


Marketing Strategy

Plans for advertisement





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